Omega Vape - Breeze

15 ml bottle

Breeze by Omega Vape is a tropical blend of sweet peaches with ripe, juicy cantaloupe, plus a few secret ingredients to create a perfectly balanced fruit blend.

Available in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg nicotine strength.

$ 12.00
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From the makers of the popular Alpha Vape line of e-liquids comes Omega Vape. Created by e-juice connoisseur Sam Rosenberg, Omega started as additional flavors that were to be added to the Alpha Vape line-up.

After a great deal of testing, the Alpha Vape team decided that the Omega flavors, which focus on dessert vapes vs. the fruit vape focus of the Alpha line, were better suited to a different PG/VG ratio than the Alpha line, so rather than add onto the Alpha line-up, a new line was born.

Omega Vape holds the same standards of quality as the Alpha line, including the use of only the highest quality ingredients available, and a focus on complex, unusual flavor combinations.

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