Balls Vape – Balls on Balls

Bottle sizes: 20 ml | 120 ml

Balls on Balls by Balls Vape is an old fashioned strawberry pie. Plump, juicy strawberries ensconced in a flaky golden crust. A sweet, nostalgic flavor representing a modern take on a classic dessert.

Available in 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 mg nicotine strength.

$ 13.00
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Balls Vape is the first family-owned and operated E-liquid company out of Santa Cruz, CA. Their founder and CEO, Itai, is a chemical engineer who holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley with a passion for living big. As an avid vaper, what began as a chemist’s personal quest to make the ultimate gourmet e-juice for himself and his friends turned out to be a life changing adventure.

Balls Vape juices are made by incorporating only the finest ingredients, crafted in small batches to ensure a perfect blend in every bottle. They use only the highest quality organic, Kosher-grade VG as the primary base to our entire juice line. Their flavors with nicotine incorporate the cleanest, smoothest nicotine available on the market. Even in their highest mg offerings, you will never find it harsh. Balls vape adheres to the strictest quality control and manufacturing practices to ensure our customers enjoy the safest product possible. Their mission is to give you the smoothest, richest, most delicious vaping experience. One that can only be achieved using premium components hand selected and artistically blended by a world-renowned chemist with a discriminating palette.

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